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Female NFL Network Anchor/Reporter Taylor Bisciotti is tackling all sides of the entertainment industry – as a fashionista and football fanatic. The fearless female leader in sports, has already made her mark as the youngest on-air talent the NFL Network has ever hired. As a journalist, she is shaping the world of sports reporting by not only telling fans tales of triumph on the turf, but also the unique stories behind the players. Taylor’s playbook is chalk-full of formations that are shaping women empowerment in the field of sports and the connections between players and fans that stem from them.  


Taylor was born with a passion for sports running through her veins. As the only girl of five boys between her brothers and cousins, football was the universal language of her close-knit family. Growing up in Atlanta, GA (home to SEC football), Sundays were always her favorite day of the week, as her family would come together to watch games. After attending the University Of Georgia, Taylor jumped right into her dream career working as the Sideline Reporter for the SEC Network and ESPN, and then as a Host for Sporting News. With her shining all-star talent, the NFL Network was quick to recruit her as an Anchor/Reporter – making her not only a rare breed as a female leader in sports, but also the youngest on-air talent the NFL Network has ever hired. With her on-screen success, she has been working towards her goal of ultimately shutting down the male-dominated sports stigma that females, fashion and football don’t mix.

Beyond advocating for female empowerment, Taylor actively supports health-centered causes. Each year, her family hosts a fashion show and luncheon in their home in support of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House. The money raised goes towards medical equipment and allowing families with children in treatment to have a quality home to stay in close to the hospital free of charge. Taylor also actively promotes the importance of healthy living to improve both mental and physical health, often showcasing her own love of hiking and healthy baking on her social media.

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